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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the fun stuff

I've been knitting like a nut. I finished a FMB - it's OH SO PRETTY.

I want to make more, many more, one for me (this one is a gift) and one for everybody I know who has any need to carry ANYTHING and needs a xmas present. What is this obsession. Is that normal? as soon as I make something cool once, I decided I MUST MUST MUST make it for everybody for the next *insert next holiday here* and then I buy the yarn...and then...and then...well...you know how that goes, right?

I and I finished a dark purple sweater I started last year...it's had a series of progressions. It's my first sweater and I used Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns - which is great - but something went horribly wrong and the neck size was for a 6 yo. Then I pulled it back down to the arm joining (raglan) and did it again. I got to the collar and RAN OUT OF YARN. It is jaeger merino aran in a discontinued color - I found ONE WEB SITE that had it, I had to pay $9 in shipping to get it, it came - it was perfect - I finished the sweater again - and it has a mock neck. Which would be fine if I didn't find wool the itchiest thing in the world. I can wear wool, but not against my neck, why didn't it occur to me to measure where the collar was going to be BEFORE I ordered the yarn - well - live and learn. so that's where it is. I need to pull the last few inches out and re-do the collar lower. note: I will not need the extra ball of yarn to do so.

and I dyed yarn from knitpicks with koolaid - sock yarn - oh what FUN!! my very own grape/strawberry/pink lemonade colorway!


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