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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Past Weekend

Life has sucked. Very Bad Things happened.

But 2007, as people say, is a new year. We had the misfortune of experiencing 'things come in threes' this year, most especially bad things. And it's over, done, life will now go back to normal. So I say.

And as my friend Heather says - it is a statistical improbability that our lives could maintain the level of badness or get worse in the upcoming year. And thank goodness she is right - I just hope it really works out that way.

So we just got back from a whirlwind trip to FL, NJ and then back here in 4 days and I'm exhausted. We will be home for two weeks and then we're flying out again for Christmas, but it will be a fun trip, which will be good. We've had too many of the other kind this year. You know you've traveled too much when you have a favorite restaurant at each major airport on the east coast...

In the midst of all the flying and waiting, I started my striped cardi. It is my first 'original' pattern that is more than just an EZ percentage system sweater. Here it is - the colors look significantly brighter in the pic than they do in real life. I can't wait to finish DH's sweater & my last xmas gift so I can get back to it!!


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