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Friday, September 22, 2006

yarn in the mail

how awesome is it to get yarn in the mail? it's not like you don't know it's coming - you order it, you pay for it, and still, when it comes it's like the best Christmas EVER. you can check out the colors in day light, flourescent light, against your skin, next to the dog, whatever...and of course there's the texture - how does it feel?

there's something about translating what I saw online into the reality about opening the box that just can't be duplicated. of course, it's not always a positive experience...but usually it is.

I am waiting for yarn from knitpicks to make hats for people for Christmas, and a bit of sock yarn just for me. :-) It should be here tomorrow. Even though it's just for hats for Christmas, not for a gorgeous fair aisle sweater or anything glorius like that...still - yarn in the mail - it's just the best.

I am diligently working my way through Something Red, and it's coming out lovely. I'm working through the last few inches of the body, they have increased enough that it feels like each row takes 15 minutes to do...which it just might. I'll try to get a pic & put it up here.


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