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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

oh I LOVE my bunny!

The one with the bunny is Duke - the cuddliest dog in the world. He is spoiled rotten as is his sister, Pixie, snuggling in on the pillows - who is much less cuddly, but just as cute.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the fun stuff

I've been knitting like a nut. I finished a FMB - it's OH SO PRETTY.

I want to make more, many more, one for me (this one is a gift) and one for everybody I know who has any need to carry ANYTHING and needs a xmas present. What is this obsession. Is that normal? as soon as I make something cool once, I decided I MUST MUST MUST make it for everybody for the next *insert next holiday here* and then I buy the yarn...and then...and then...well...you know how that goes, right?

I and I finished a dark purple sweater I started last year...it's had a series of progressions. It's my first sweater and I used Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns - which is great - but something went horribly wrong and the neck size was for a 6 yo. Then I pulled it back down to the arm joining (raglan) and did it again. I got to the collar and RAN OUT OF YARN. It is jaeger merino aran in a discontinued color - I found ONE WEB SITE that had it, I had to pay $9 in shipping to get it, it came - it was perfect - I finished the sweater again - and it has a mock neck. Which would be fine if I didn't find wool the itchiest thing in the world. I can wear wool, but not against my neck, why didn't it occur to me to measure where the collar was going to be BEFORE I ordered the yarn - well - live and learn. so that's where it is. I need to pull the last few inches out and re-do the collar lower. note: I will not need the extra ball of yarn to do so.

and I dyed yarn from knitpicks with koolaid - sock yarn - oh what FUN!! my very own grape/strawberry/pink lemonade colorway!

Second entry

okay. so - horrible things have happened and not that anybody is reading - sorry I was gone so long.

the world has been conspiring against us this summer. I got married may 28th, which was wonderful. we spent 10 days in paris, which was also wonderful. (amazing, delightful, etc, etc - everybody should do that!)

so why so bad you ask? we had two deaths in the family and one at my husband's office. since the middle of june, it has been, to say the least - incredibly hard.

so - forgive the delay - but HOLY CRAP we had one miserable Fing month.

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