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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Beer Dinner

Well, we finally found something fun & slightly elitist to do here in Greensboro - a beer tasting dinner! At M'Coul's, a local pub that has delicious food.

So you buy tickets for $30/person and get samples of six beers (4-6oz) and a mini entree that goes with each one. The food has been amazing, so I'm happy to go. The beer - well - I know it's good beer, and DH loves it, so I'm happy to just sip mine and hand it over to him if he wants it (he's gone to enough wine tastings with me to make up for a few beer dinners!). It's fun - we both enjoy the food and he enjoys the beer, and they seat everybody around the bar (and the bar is non-smoking!) so it puts you in sort of a forced camaraderie, which is pretty fun. They are supposed to be having another one in December sometime, and we will definitely be there.

Here's the menu from last night:


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