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Friday, October 20, 2006

Namaste Knitting Bag

so nice...

I don't need a Namaste knitting bag. I don't. I really don't need one. In red, I really, really don't need a red one.

I swear there is absolutely no reason for me to get this bag. But holy cow that doesn't stop me from wanting it even a little bit!

The search for the perfect knitting bag is kind of like the search for the perfect pair of jeans. I buy one, I use it for a month or so, and soon the little flaws start to show through that make it not-quite-perfect. The handle that falls of my shoulder, the lack of pockets for accessories, no place to put the pattern or a book, if I am traveling - the mixing of my 'purse' items & my knitting stuff drives me bonkers...

Is this the perfect knitting bag? some say so...others say the perfect bag is just a myth, a rumor, an old wives tale taunting us into a lifelong search for perfection...but hey - at least we keep the economy going!


Anonymous heather said...

If you find a good bag that doesn't have enough pockets, you should check out these people.


they make fun looking pocket inserts for bags. I want some!

7:13 AM  

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