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Sunday, October 29, 2006


this has been a good weekend. two in a row? I don't even know what to do with myself...

my mom came down to visit and brought cold, rainy weather with her - so we went shopping friday in 45 degree, rainy weather. yuck.

it was fun though - I started working on christmas shopping and found a lovely black wool coat at the gap that fit me perfectly, I can even move my arms - totally bonus! So I had to buy it - I have issues with that, so if I can move my arms - to drive & do other helpful things, I have learned to just go for it. I got some bday presents for DH, but b/c he reads the blog - I can't say what - but it was a really good find!

I found a lovely knitting bag at TJ Maxx - is this the perfect bag? It's getting closer... and scored some lotion for $5 a bottle this is normally $20 per. very nice. I just love a good deal! And it meets with Duke's approval - a very important step in the process.

Saturday we planted 150 tulips in our front beds, it actually didn't take very long at all, and played around with knitting things. My mother loves to see all the projects I'm working on and I love to show them off. She even talked me into casting on for yet another project - the pi shawl in socks that rock - here's the progression so far. PRETTY!

We went to a japanese steak house saturday night, very fun, but I ate WAY too much. ugh.

My mother is taking home a lovely afghan that I started work on about 5 years ago, at this point I'm too much into the other fun stuff to care about it. And the room that it matched is about 3 moves in the past. So yay mom for taking that guilt off my hands - I hope you finish it & love it! she's going to be really unhappy that I put this picture of her in here, but I think it's a good pic. :-)

Poor DH has spent more long hours out blowing leaves off the yard - and all the leaves haven't even changed yet. That's what we get for buying a house in a tree friendly development. We love it - but sheesh! This time of year it's a bad, bad thing.

Today (Sunday) we set the clocks back when we got up - an extra hour for the last day of the visit. We planted more bulbs, daffodils around some trees & the mailbox and irises in the foundation beds. I even get to take about $50 worth of bulbs back that we didn't need. It will be GORGEOUS in the spring.

For dinner tonight DH is making meatballs - YUM - and I will make homemade pasta sauce for some good comfort food. Add a little garlic bread and I'm in heaven.

Oh - & my first package to my secret pal was misaddressed - a combination of problems - so it came back to me, I'm relieved that I got it back, so I now I have to mail it again on monday!

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