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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

SP Challenge #2

I just checked the new secret pal challenge, and it's to knit a washcloth by November 22nd. The prize is tempting - a box of good yarn, but the timing is really bad.

I'm not really a washcloth person - and folks, right now - less than two months 'til Christmas, is NOT a normal 'pick up and knit whatever I feel like' kind of time. Every knitter I know (including me) is frantically working on Christmas presents, and most of us will be until the bitter end. Okay the joyful end...

So I will sit this one out, not b/c I don't want to participate in all the fun secret pal stuff, but because I don't have time to knit a washcloth right now!!! So somebody else will get all that cool yarn. :-(


Anonymous H said...

I'm with you sister. My SP is too.

5:31 AM  

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