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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

check it out!

okay, so I started the mittens, the beginning is a figure 8 cast on - sheesh that's hard to do in two colors...I had to redo it 3 times, but I got it finally. this is the pattern I'm doing, though I"m not going to do the contrasting color in the cuffs, I'm sticking with the kureyon & black. I'm hoping the color progression of the kureyon will be oh-so-pretty as it goes down the mitten with the black pattern on top. woohoo! I'm thrilled so far - hopefully it keeps going this smoothly. The two circulars is working really well - I did have to start it on dpns, but I switched it over once the pattern was established. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Heather said...

Look At You! Your mittens look lovely so far. You are going to kick TKGA ass!

6:01 AM  

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