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Sunday, October 15, 2006

koolaid dyeing

so I decided to try some more koolaid dyeing today...I am 'redhanded' as I type. I should wear gloves, but I just don't. it comes off eventually.

the first one I was trying to do different shades of red - one shade ended up an icky orange - so I overdyed the whole thing and used the microwave instead of steaming it on the stovetop like usual - and I felted it just a little bit...v bad.

the second one is MUCH better. 2 shades of red & a purple. I really need to 'graduate' to real dyes if I want to really get into this. they are drying on the porch at the moment.

alright - they are inside and here they are - the purple, red & pink one - which is NOT for a red hat club - can't anybody just like those colors anymore?

and the other one that was supposed to be three shades of red & now is just pretty much solid red. wellllll - maybe I can do some fair aisle with a lovely charcoal grey - that would be nice - but probably my first fair isle shouldn't be a sock - it just seems like a bad idea...


Anonymous Secret Pal 9 said...

Hi Rachael,

Your "dye job" is great! DO try the real thing, you'll find that it's a lot of fun and the colors you get are more satisfying (in my humble opinion). Although, I'd suggest you DO wear gloves for that sort of dyeing, speaking from experience, it takes A LOT longer to wear off.

I'm working on package for you, but won't get it in the mail until next week at the earliest, (I'm out of town tomorrow through Sunday). I'll let you bask in the anticipation... :)

11:00 AM  
Blogger Whimsical Knitting said...

I think that the colorways are pretty! LOL, I dye with koolaid, too...one day I'll try real dyes, but face, koolaid is way cheaper!!

2:25 PM  

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