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Sunday, October 22, 2006

a 'normal' weekend

For the first time in what seems like forever, we had a nice, normal, calm weekend. It was so very very nice.

Things I managed to accomplish:
Cleaning (some of it anyway)
Ironing and mending that had been piling up for months (woohoo!)
Making cookies
Sewed needle case
Progression on mitten

In addition DH spent 4 hours saturday leaf blowing the back yard (great job!), this is the before shot.

Sunday morning I was surfing looking for a needle storage case for my dpns & small circulars - it was an immediate need b/c I had just gotten really annoyed with the artbins zippered case I was using, everything fell out - how is this a good case if they fall out? I have an issue with alot of the cases out there b/c I don't use straight needles and all the cases have oodles of room for straight needles. I found a pattern for a fabric case so I downloaded it & got right to work. I altered it so it only holds dpns & small circulars (my denise case takes care of the rest) - and voila! My very own needle case for under $5 - and I never would have found such fun colors if I were buying one...

and then there's the glorious mitten. DH has named it the 'Dr. Suess mitten'. So the mitt part is done, now I have to do the decorative cuff - and then of course there's the mate. I am displeased with parts of it, I think the second one will turn out better - live & learn - but I don't think any of the issues are visible to anybody but me.

and now there's chili on the stove and there will soon be cornbread in the oven and we will settle down to watch some episodes from season 2 of Lost. Holy crap that show just gets weirder and weirder!
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Anonymous heather said...

What a great weekend!!! It sounded just lovely!

5:39 AM  

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