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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

North Carolina - where men wear overalls.

We all know I live in rural north carolina - so I sometimes run into things that seem a bit odd to me. A gentleman came in to my place of work yesterday wearing full-blown hee-haw overalls.

oh yes, you read that right - bright blue, over the potbelly, hooking at the shoulders - overalls. He might as well have had a piece of hay hanging out of his mouth...

I grew up in a place where it wasn't that unusual to see men in overalls, I suppose, but my recollection is that they were work clothes, to be worn outside and for specific, rugged activities. Overalls were not 'dress up & go into town' clothes.

So it's odd to me, a good 20-25 years later, to see a grown man out doing whatever business he may have to do, in solid dark blue with yellow stitching overalls.

But then again it's odd to me to see people with 80's hair-dos and 'high fastening pants' everywhere too...

Lindsay: I mean, it's always been "Michael's got the brains, Gob's got the charm, Buster's got the .."

George Sr.: High-fastening pants.


There are things I like about north carolina - but there are also things that make me think twice - or maybe even three times.


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