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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Secret Pal package #1

Look at all the pretty things my secret pal sent me!

There's some yummy things to have with the tea & cocoa (chocolate YUM!) . I'll take that to work for my 'afternoon tea' tomorrow.

And a Chibi that comes with some bent darning needles - I've never used those before, but it looks handy - and definitely a good idea to have a place to put the needles, I have a BAD tendancy to leave those laying around...

She sent some cool sock patterns for variegated yarn from Knitty - already is sheet protectors - I like the way she thinks!

And of course, the icing on the cake, I know you see it there (and I know you're jealous)...is the gorgeous hand dyed merino sock yarn from rubysapphire (it looks like there's an etsy site). SO PRETTY.

I think the people on the card are dyeing yarn - what do you think? ;-)

and now DH can rest assured that SP is not some strange pyramid scheme designed for knitters...
Thank you secret pal!

one additional note - I had never had shortbread with nutella before - that was heavenly! (yes I ate all the chocolate already...)


Anonymous H said...

What a great package!!!!
Very Nice!

6:07 AM  
Anonymous SP9 Pal said...

Glad you liked your box. Funny comment about DH! My partner is a bit dubious about the whole thing too. Non-knitters just don't get it, I guess!

4:11 PM  

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